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Earth Hymn:
Humans are "Earthlings".
There is just "the One Life".
All Creatures incl. Plants relate as equal "Brother" or "Sister" to this "One".
Human's Address in the Universe is: "Earth".
The Universe equally merge Countries, Cities & Streets to "the One".
For the "One Universe" the adress is "Earth" or "Earth Plane".
Creatures share the Earth with all other "Living Beings" including Plants.
Side by Side in Equality and mutual Respect and Tolerance.
Live and Let Live / Give and Take in Balance.
Human's "Atomic Age" of their Body is ~4 Billion Years - like Earth,
--> so "physically" all Matter on Earth is their "Brother i.e. Sister".
Connection to "the One Conciousness" is via Body and Mind -
by Collective "Physical" and "Energetic" Conciousness which is: "the One". 
Human's Body and Mind Energy is connected to this "One" like a Spider in it's Net.
Any Spider Motion or Mind Energy vibrates the entire Net i.e. "the One".
This collective connection to the "One All" i.e. the "One Life"  can be
"visualized" and made "understood" as "Gravitation" (refer to Video Seminar).
Heaven and Hell exist only in "Mind Believes". 
99.99% in Universe is "empty Space".
The Earth is already the "Paradise" --> RIGHT NOW.
Creatures are already in their "Heaven on Earth"
--> they stopped to rush to find anywhere else.
Possession of anything replaces grateful Free Loan for a limited time.
No killing for any "Possession" or "Mind Believes or Thoughts" is done.
Any Religion accept other Religions --> Guiltless, Peaceful, Fearless & Faithful.
The real "Truth" of Thoughts i.e. Mind is a subjective "Illusion", 
therefore any Opinions, Thoughts or Believes are tolerated as such.
Earths Agrar Space prevent any Hunger or Thirst on this Planet.
To keep this the Human Population Growth is managed.
Fundamental Brother & Sister - hood between all "Life-Forms" with
Compassion and Empathy exist.
Any Human lives a free, self defined "Life, Belief and Sexuality" --> as long as
these are peaceful, respectful, free will & benefitial.
To keep Earth in a balanced Comfort Zone for All Equals, corrective
measures reg. Climate or Environmental Issues are launched. 
Earth Creature's Nutrition and "Consumation" is balanced with Earth's
Interests as a healthy respected Live Form. 
Mother Earth Plane is treated kindly
and respected as a liberated unslaved equal Living Being.
The Earth Planet and her Life Forms live as collective "One Life"
as Fundamental Member of the “One Universe / Conciousness”.
Spiritual Physics - Spirituelle Physik - BBChiller
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